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... to en passant, home to Lethe's trading card collection.

The current layout features the gorgeous High Inquisitor Darklaw from the Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Nintendo 3DS game. The background patterns were created by Ransie3; image credit goes to Creative Uncut. The layout was coded for Google Chrome with a screen resolution of 1280x720 in mind; if there are any issues, please let me know.

en passant is named after a chess move; translated, it means in passing. TCGs come and go as time goes by - they do not last forever. Yet, while they do last, I think that we should enjoy them to the fullest to make the time worthwhile.

Joined TCGs

If you join any of the following, it'd be nice if you put down Lethe as your referrer!

active 11 May 2016
hiatus 18 Jul 2014
hiatus 29 Dec 2013
inactive 22 Jan 2016

Trader Profile

Personal Switzerland (UTC +1). Student. Mainly joining anime, manga and video game TCGs; playing since 2004.
Rules Only accepting cards from decks under collecting and keeping for incoming trades; these cards are also off-limits. No trades involving member cards only. Do not ask for cards that haven't been uploaded yet.
Replies I always reply, usually within a day, so do give me a poke if you've been waiting for a while. For outgoing trades, I'll move the offered cards back to trading if I haven't heard from you within seven days. I use easyTCG's auto-upload, so you'll never have to post or send me the cards; in the same vein, if I get an automated easyTCG reply from you, I won't send you the cards. If you do happen to use easyTCG without auto-upload, let me know and I'll forward the cards to you!

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